While at //build I was inspired to update my extensions to support VS 2017. I meant to do it last year, but got distracted. The process was really simple, and is outlined on the new hotness that is MS Docs. It took me about 10 minutes to get it all configured an tested. But then…I was sidelined by my CI config.

For some reason, my AppVeyor builds were failing. They were clearly pulling the latest from my repo, but for some reason, the nuget restore stopped working. I probably should’ve googled the issue, and I think I did, but I was asking the wrong questions. I finally gave up and manually configured the build via the GUI, and then exported that config to YAML. When I went to do the next extension, I finally realized what the problem was. I used the exact same exported YAML, and got the exact same initial errors with the nuget restore.

Googling “appveyor not using yaml” led me to this help article. I still don’t understand why permissions were an issue to read the appveyor.yml, when it was clearly reading an updated csproj file. But I do now have extensions that support VS 2017.