Data Driven

This video absolutely changed my life. My friend and mentor showed it to me in the beginning of 2015. The early experiences of Etsy immediately resonated with me. And the concept of geometric growth being outside of the control of the business was something that I had never before considered, but absolutely made sense.

Don’t pick projects based on what’s cool, pick projects that make sense to the company.

Palo Duro Pannier

I had an interesting experience getting and setting up may new Palo Duro pannier.

Migrating to Git


Moving to git has never been considered a simple task at MB. However, I believe we have good strategy to accomplish this with minimal impact or downtime.


Test assumptions

  • I would consider this aspect done.
  • We tested many assumptions for this: history migration, build migration, tooling installations, training, deployment.

Learn git

  1. Become experts(?)
    • I would say we’ve come far enough.
    • We already have several git experts at this company, and it is one of the most documented products I have ever used. I feel that going into this, I, and Bernie, had a strong understanding of git’s capabilities. I would also like to note that over the years we have also become an expert in TFVC.
    • We still spent numerous hours going through git trainings and researching and documenting how git works with TFS and VisualStudio.
  2. Train the trainers
    • (mostly done)
    • We have given enough focused training to make our users as good or better with git in VisualStudio as they presently are with TFVC. We have specif

Transfer all history

  • This has been started for some repositories.
  • The time costs are understood for this migration.
  • This will need to be completed prior to migration.
  • We will need to refresh the histories at the last minute prior to migration.

Switch over builds

  • Last step of actual migration.
  • Could be done in place, or builds could be cloned and marked as *_git
  • Convert build tools to use git hashes instead of changeset numbers.
    • This has been built but not implemented.

Allow non-dev testers to access features in branches

  • Currently in development

Start using Pull Requests

  • depending on your view this is
    • :(
  • OR
    • :)