Five years ago, I ambitiously applied internally for a job as Director of Product Development. I agree that my qualifications were not appropriate for such a position. To overcome that, however, I wrote this manifesto, to show how I would handle the problems faced by that team.

When I stumbled across this the other day, I was afforded a chance to see if any of my plans had been adopted. Some have, most haven’t. When I wrote that piece, I was a dev manager. Since then I’ve been a Sr Dev and a Software Architect. I’m now back in the position of manager, and I’m happy to see that my personal views haven’t substantially changed. Of course, my opinions about Scrum, testing, and APIs have evolved, but my management approaches are consistent. Trust, Respect, and Accountability. Those three pillars are the foundation of good leadership.

If you have a chance, please read it. Send any comments to me on Twitter at @clintcparker.